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will nodenet at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 4 04:01:16 PST 2007

> We can't really change the configuration file syntax; what I'd like to
> do is figure out how to usefully use that monitor section for one of the
> outputs. We might just want some kind of static definition of which
> output that should be; I think that's probably best.

Is the reason you can't change the configuration file syntax due to backward

In which case could you not create a new optional section DeviceOutput which
could hold the monitor and default modes. The standard configuration would
continue to work but you could override it by telling a screen which output
device(s) to connect to, and as each output device would know which monitor
it was to use this could with the appropriate options allow a more precise
level of control.

Section "DeviceOutput"
	Identifier		"i915-VGA"

	Device		"Intel i915GM"
	Output		"VGA"
	Monitor		"LCD Display"
	Modes			"800x600" "1024x768"

Section "Screen"
	Identifier		"Screen 1"
#	Device		"Intel i915GM"
#	Monitor		"LCD Display"

	DeviceOutput	"i915-VGA"


Scenario 1. The Device and Monitor are specified against the screen, mode
pruning and selection continue as normal.

Scenario 2. The DeviceOuput is specified against the screen, modes are
selected and cross referenced against the list in the screen, the device
ouput and the monitor. Essentially I guess you would only get the exclusive
set of modes supported by the screen, device, device output and monitor.
This would also allow the possibility of specifying what output devices get
connected to what screens and any cloning options. 

Will Wiseman

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