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This is my first post to this list,  ( please be kind ;) )...

Ive got a Dell laptop Inspiron 640M that i have managed to get all the
hardware to work quite well.

When it comes to X though i have problems getting DRI to enable.  I have
tried pretty much all avenues with pre-built binaries ( supplied by distro
).   The hardware in question is an I945GM express chipset.

Ive enabled all the goodies in my kernel ( il give complete sysem/distro
details details at the end of this mail )

So not being a stranger to hand crafting software i downloaded both the 7.0and
7.1 full tarballs, used the guile merge script to merge the build-dir and
proceeded to build the deps for X this also included Mesa ( via git ).

Everything went smoothly up until building the xorg-server source with glx
dri support ( includes pointing at mesa src tree )...

The build fails with the following:

glxutil.h:51:  error: syntax error before `*` token
glxutil.h:53:  warning: function declaration isn't a prototype
glxutil.h:54:  error: syntax error before `*` token
glxutil.h:54:  warning: function devlaration isn't a prototype
make: ***[glxcmds.lo] Error 1

The only reference i found that was any where close to this was for building
X for Mac / Darwin.

I can build the xorg-server if i do not enable glx ( no libglx ) ..

If anyone has anymore info for this id appreciate the help


System Information:

Dell Inspiron 640M

Duo 1.66Ghz

OS:       Slackware 11.0
Kernel:  2.6.20rc6

Many thanks in advance
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