xset not working on session start

Atom Smasher atom at smasher.org
Tue Feb 6 00:04:23 PST 2007

the method of using .xsmstartup didn't work 3 times, out of 3 tests.

this method did work 3 times, out of 3 tests.

On Tue, 6 Feb 2007, Glynn Clements wrote:

> IOW, something else is changing the settings. In which case, you have 
> three options:
> 1. Figure out what is changing the settings, and disable it.
> 2. Figure out what is changing the settings, and configure it to use 
> your preferred settings (thus eliminating the need to use xset).

i like your logic, but i'm not sure how to go about finding what is 
changing the settings. any suggestions?

> 3. Add a delay before the xset commands so that they get executed
> *after* whatever else is changing the settings. For this, you'll need
> to use a background subshell, e.g.:
> (
> 	sleep 10
> 	xset b 100 440 101 && echo 'bell set'
> 	xset m 4/1 8  && echo 'mouse set'
> 	xset dpms 0 0 0 && echo 'dpms set'
> ) &
> If you don't do this in the background, you'll probably end up
> delaying the "other thing" as well, which would defeat the purpose.

that makes perfect sense, and seems to work perfectly.

i'm still curious why the settings are getting hosed unless first adding a 
delay. the only things i can think of if my fancy-schmancy window manager 
(e16) or xscreensaver... but with this script:

Xnest :3 -ac &
xterm -display :3 -e 'xset b 98 432 123 m 4/1 8 ; /usr/local/bin/xscreensaver' &
xterm -display :3 -e 'e16' &
xterm -display :3 -geometry -180+119

i couldn't duplicate the problem. i ran the script several times, and 
every time i typed 'xset q' into the xterm i got the numbers i set just 
before starting xscreensaver & e16.


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