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Wed Feb 7 06:42:48 PST 2007

Adam Sulmicki wrote:

> anyone knows how to use xvidtune so that I can display xvidtune's screen 
> on local monitor, but at the same time tune the remote monitor?

xvidtune doesn't support this.

But it wouldn't be a great deal of work to modify it to do so. 
xvidtune consists of a single source file, with roughly 1300 lines of

Essentially, you would need to open a separate X connection to the
display being tuned, and pass that display to the XF86VidMode
functions rather than passing the display used by the GUI.

> I assume this is what AllowNonLocalXvidtune option is for.

No. By default, the X server only allows local clients to use the
VidMode extension, so you have to run xvidtune on the same host as the
X server. That option removes this restriction, allowing any client to
use the extension.

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