Intel graphics driver -- thanks!

Ian Pilcher i.pilcher at
Wed Feb 7 17:16:43 PST 2007

Andrew Barr wrote:
> It would be nice to see more e-mails like this one to let Intel know
> they are actually making sales based on the free drivers that they are
> developing. It provides encouragement to those doing the work and may
> help influence future decisions regarding the freeness of code for other
> Intel products.

As soon as I can buy a video card with an Intel chip, I'll write such a

> I buy products with Intel components whenever I can precisely because of
> this. I have had wireless access on my Linux-based Thinkpad that I don't
> even have to think twice about for about one year now. How often does
> _that_ happen in Linux?

Clearly you're not using a ThinkPad with a 3945 wireless chip.

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