Intel graphics driver -- thanks!

kr992 kr992 at
Thu Feb 8 06:25:13 PST 2007

>The driver works much better than the stuff provided by NVidia for
>daily 2D work.
>In fact the reason why I bought a CentrinoDuo Notebook.

I bought Centrino because I was thought that will be longer life without AC
power suply ...
With 2D intel is the best choise , but with 3D .... you can only choose xor
drivers and they are more slower as windows (and lastest drivers not work
corectly with wine or beryl or other opengl)... and with nvidia and ati with
their binary drivers what can get all power from card it is not best choise
Maybe notebook is not for games , but to play lineage2 , rappelz , others
games i have to change from linux to windows ....


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