xproto.pc is where? where do i start?

Jay G. Scott gl at arlut.utexas.edu
Thu Feb 8 10:40:42 PST 2007


i'm trying to build X11R7.1 .

my first problem is knowing what to download.  i see the 7 or so
directories, data, .... lib,  ....   but i don't know
which ones i will need.  i was hoping i could find a
"here's a typical baseline list" of packages but i didn't.

so i blundered ahead.  i started with libXau, which tells me i
need an xproto.pc installed.  i know about pkg-config, that's not
the question.  but where is xproto.pc going to come from?  is there
something(s) else i'm going to need to do first?  where do i start?

i think you see what my problem is.

i have ancient and clumsy X11R5 and 6 lying around, they were done
by another and in a wacky way.  i was hoping to do a nice clean
build of the latest and greatest.  (FYI)

this one happens to be for solaris, sparc, but i expect to do others
down the road if i can make this one happen.

thanks in advance.  i am very glad to see this stuff is being maintained.
i tried to get in on the conversion to autoconf/automake and so on, but
i guess i asked too late or they just didn't want me.


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