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Fri Feb 9 10:21:53 PST 2007


In short best way is use lastest kernel and lastest xorg  and drm and mesa and 
linux-agp-compat from git  and you should build kernel first (and select to 
do MODULES (not built-in)  from /dev/agpgart , intel 440 i8xx chipset , 
Direct Rendering Manager , Intel i810 , i830 , i915) and after build remove 
Modules.symver from kernel sources , next build drm and all xorg (but xserver 
with --disable-dmx and --path-to-mesa-source) and after that build 
drm/linux-core and linux-agp-compat and copy kernel modules in right place , 
and at least build mesa (with linux-dri-x86)
xorg conf should have in section device Driver "i810" , Option "VideoRam" 
65536 , and at end should be Section "DRI" , Mode 0666 , EndSection
Im using debian and have i915gm but that way is working for me

but you could try new kernel and modules from experimental packages , i do not 
know Fedora at all ...
you should look at too


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