G965 + modesetting, DRI and xv?

Johannes Truschnigg johannes.truschnigg at gmx.at
Sat Feb 10 10:16:32 PST 2007

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Hi everyone,

I've been struggling with the i810-drivers for xorg for a few months now, and 
have been able to get 1680x1050 to work fine even with my SDVO-card. Still, I 
have not managed to get my hardware and drivers to run GLX 
hardware-accelerated, and never got xv to work properly. Are these known 
problems, or are there any other people with a similar setup out there who 
are not struck by either of these problems?

My software is as follows (Gentoo ~amd64 x86_64):
i810 modesetting branch checked out from git today
mesa 6.5.2
X Window System Version 7.2.0
Linux 2.6.20

running on an Intel DG965WH w/ Sil164 based SDVO-card.

glxgears fails with the following:
glxgears: bufmgr_fake.c:746: bmGenBufferStatic: Assertion `0' failed.

mplayer -vo xv fails like this:
X11 error: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)

Thanks for your input, hints, advise and comments.
- -- 
with best regards:
- - Johannes Truschnigg ( johannes.truschnigg at gmx.at )

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