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Daniel Stone daniel.stone at nokia.com
Sun Feb 11 14:52:29 PST 2007

[I don't know any more about 7.2 than you do.  Sorry.]

Firstly, you should all go read the 'ajax: Xorg releases and future
planning' section of http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/XDC2007Notes if
you haven't already.

If we take a quick view of this, we have:
  * server-1.2-branch released as 1.3.0 Very Soon Now.  This has the
    unfortunate effect of not fast-forwarding to 1.3.0, but eh.
    Basically the only thing left here, aside from the usual cosmetic
    release work, is merging in the EXA updates and miscellaneous
    useful, small, commits.  Should be pretty trivial; I'm happy to
    co-ordinate this one if Eric wants.  See also:
  * xserver's master branch released as 1.4.0 in the future (where we
    all have flying cars).  XACE is almost done; input-hotplug is
    merged; and those seem to be the most invasive parts.  This should
    probably be branched off in about a month.
  * xserver 1.5 development is done on master after this point.  Branch
    as necessary (when we've run for a couple of months already, and
    someone wants to do something utterly insane).
  * anholt is the new ajax.
  * we're not doing your releases for you.  ajax has said in public
    before that he's not doing mass releases anymore, anholt has said it
    on the wiki, and I'm saying it now, though I've said in private
    before that I'm fed up with it.  If you want to see something in a
    release, it's _your_ responsibility to release it, and no-one
    else's.  Release documentation on
    http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/MakingReleases is pretty
    straightforward, and http://people.freedesktop.org/~daniels/release
    is the script I've used to do mass-releases.  Along with an alias to
    do a distcheck, releases are really no-brainers.  The hardest part
    was always just getting through the sheer numbers (you can only
    parallelise so much, and have to wait for the builds), and working
    out what is and isn't suitable for release.  Now this is your job as
    the module maintainer[0].  G'luck.
  * you can do releases completely async.  If you put it out a few days
    before a major release, it won't get picked up for that release
    unless you ask for it to be.  Common sense generally prevails.  So
    please, don't let that hold you back from doing releases.  If
    there's something that needs to go out, and you're the one to do it,
    then just do it.
  * no, I don't know anything about 7.2.  Really. :)


[0]: If you wonder whether you might be the module maintainer, then you
     almost certainly are.  Don't forget to update
     doc/xorg-docs/MAINTAINERS.  (Looking at you, xf86-video-ati.)
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