ANN: xterm-224

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon Feb 12 03:10:49 PST 2007

                            Patch #224 - 2007/2/11

     * simplify  code  for  set/reset  mode for blinking cursor (patch by
       Emanuele Giaquinta).
     * modify  dabbrev-expand() to restart after the last match (patch by
       Emanuele Giaquinta).
     * add  control  sequences  for enabling/disabling focus in/out event
       reporting (request by Bram Moolenaar).
     * improve  startup  performance  of menus by adding resource setting
       menuLocale which can be set to override X's lengthy initialization
       of  fontsets  -  which  are  seldom  used  for the Xaw popup menus
       (adapted by patch by Dave Coffin).
     * modify  do_precomposition() function and to handle
       21-bit codes vs the 16-bit codes those were written for, and fix a
       few mis-sorted codes (patch by Thomas Wolff).
     * handle  special  case  in  -cjk_width  which unexpectedly caused a
       character's  width  to change when a combining character (patch by
       Thomas Wolff)
     * fix build for GNU/KFreeBSD (Debian #40111).
     * consolidate GC creation/updating into a single module to reduce GC
       manipulation  (prompted  by  Debian #389476, though a complete fix
       would involve optimizing the scrolling behavior).
     * fix  ifdef  of  xtermCellWidth(),  which  broke for a case without
       TrueType  and  without  wide-character  support  (report by Martin
     * undo a comparison in handle_translated_exposure which did not work
       due  to  X server optimization. That caused the inner border to be
       repainted  with  unexpected  colors when handling a repaint, e.g.,
       after  switching to/from another workspace (Debian #401726, Redhat
       Bugzilla #223027).
     * allow  -cr option to override cursor color when -ah option is used
       (Debian #406502).
     * add  a  note  in  xterm's  manpage explaining that the -bw (or -w)
       option  is  only  used  by  the  window manager, if at all (Debian
     * make Selection of VT Fonts work with selectToClipboard resource.
     * correct  length  calculation for Selection entry of VT Fonts menu,
       broken since it ignored the actual selection length since X11R4.
     * fixes  for  fontsize  changes  with  -fa  option  (Redhat Bugzilla

Thomas E. Dickey
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