Intel graphics driver -- thanks!

Martin Walch walch.martin at
Mon Feb 12 17:42:11 PST 2007

Andrew Barr wrote:
> It would be nice to see more e-mails like this one to let Intel know
> they are actually making sales based on the free drivers that they are
> developing. It provides encouragement to those doing the work and may
> help influence future decisions regarding the freeness of code for other
> Intel products.


this is probably also directed at me. I am reading  the archive of this list 
since December just to stay up to date about those new Intel graphics 

I subscribed now only in order to answer that message (I faked the mail 
header, because I am missing the original message, so hopefully this reply 
will be sorted correctly).

Indeed, because of the open sourced drivers I have recommended the new Intel 
graphics chips to quite a lot of people and I am really looking forward to 
those high-end graphics chips that are planned, hoping that the drivers will 
be open sourced as well. I would be probably one of the first buying one of 
those graphics cards. I think I do not need to explain why I am unhappy with 
the current situation on high-end graphics cards.

Martin Walch <walch.martin at>

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