Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Feb 12 18:27:02 PST 2007

I'd like to release an X server with randr-1.2 and working exa soon.
I've merged the randr-1.2 work to xserver-1.2 branch and Eric is busy
finishing up the exa-damagetrack 'merge'.

If other people have fixes they'd like to nominate for this release,
please let me know and I'll cherry pick them across from master.

This release will include new hw/xfree86 code for dealing with randr-1.2
enabled drivers that Dave Airlie (for radeon) and Aaron Platner (for
both nvidia and nv) have been poking at as well; the goal is to get that
stable enough to be useful by most of the drivers. If you're doing
driver work and want to help make new mode setting bits portable, please
speak up and we can chat more about what bits will move from the intel
driver to the common layer.

I was thinking this would be called xserver-1.2.1, but ajax suggested
just calling it 1.3 and planning on naming the bits to include in xorg
7.3 something else (1.4?).

keith.packard at intel.com
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