Newbie questions about Xv

Kurdt Bane kurdt.bane at
Tue Feb 13 09:07:11 PST 2007

Hi to all, I'm a newbie to mailing list.
Here's my problem: I got a program that grabs YUV frames from a camera, and
I need to display that frames as fast as possible on a window on X, possibly
resizing them and not colorspace-convert them.
I came to know, from wikipedia, that Xvlib could do the trick ("Its main use
today is to rescale video playback in hardware (namely in the hardware of
the graphics card <>), in order to
enlarge a given video or to watch it in full screen mode").
While Xlib has lots of documentation, i found little about Xvlib, except for
the man pages. Do you know where can I find some introduction about
programming with xvlib apis? or otherwise, can give me some advice on how
would you accomplish the task of displaying scaled YUV frames on a window
with Xv?

Thanks in advance for your patience,

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