GPU performance counters, agp usage

kr992 kr992 at
Wed Feb 14 05:46:02 PST 2007

> Regarding the 75% idle, I think that is comparably ok. Native ut2004 shows
> same behavior. So either the games are broken, or I have a way to
> gpu(geforce 7600) for my cpu(athlon 64 X2 dual core 3800+).

>You really need to compare that to what you get on Windows (but maybe
>this is what you mean by 'native ut2004' having the same problem?).
>Otherwise it could also mean that our some part of Wine is
>taking way too much CPU compared to Windows. Maybe Direct3D or too much
>ping pong between Wine and the Wine server, or something else.

I was some time ago (2,3 monts ago) notice and wrote that games in linux
(native and from wine) doesnt took all cpu (i have 915gm), and I was pointed
that is driver problem and reason for slow performance (maybe driver put to
sleep cpu , I have windows too and many native opengl i could compare , like
celestia , second life , neuro-operatives robots , or from wine 3dmark ,
lineage , in every test show linux driver too slow , and every game in
windows take all cpu)
but still cant test textured video ...


Duze przesy³ki to betka. Nawet 50MB na raz! 

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