Mouse locked in one monitor using Xinerama

Ritesh Sood riteshsood at
Wed Feb 14 13:38:57 PST 2007

I am running the xserver, libs, etc compiled from the latest git source.
I've had this problem for a long time now, using Xinerama in a dual head
setup, once the mouse gets into the right monitor, it is not possible to
bring it back to the left monitor. Until recently, I had a ATI radeon card,
and i could use the merged frame-buffer mode and that did not have this

A few days ago I installed a Matrox P650 PCI card, and the problem is back.
Unfortunately I could not get the merged frame-buffer to work with this
card. I am using the unofficial mtx driver which says that it's unable to
find any usable modes for the second monitor.
The log file for the Xinerama setup is attached, although I couldn't see
anything amiss in it.

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