Offset in image on screen

robome at robome at
Fri Feb 16 09:28:54 PST 2007


I'm seeing a problem running X. Always after starting up, the image is off to
the right by about 16 pixels. So the left 16 pixels of the display are black and
the right 16 pixels of the image are missing.

I saw this with X11R6.9 on FreeBSD 6.1 and still see this with X11R7.1 on Ubuntu.
However I don't have that problem on Windows and I don't see it on the console.

And, very interesting I think, after power cycling the display everything is right.
One might see this a minor problem, but it's quite annoying and I hope once the
developers are aware of it, it can be fixed. Of course I'm up to providing as
much informations as needed for a fix.

Graphics card: HIS Radeon 9250 (Radeon 9200 PRO)
Display: IBM L200p
Connected via DVI port.


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