[x11] Re: Color banding in 24-bit mode

John Klingler john at jupiter.com
Fri Feb 16 15:26:15 PST 2007

If you have gcc and openmotif and openmotif-devel 2.2 and  or later, I 
will write one for you. I have to write some test patterns anyway.

To determine if you have gcc,  enter:
    which gcc

To determine if you have openmotif, enter:
    rpm -qa | grep openmotif

This should return something like:

Otherwise, if you are running on an i386 platform I can compile and link 
it for you.


Grant wrote:

>> Why not just write a little C program and generate your own?
>> It's only a few lines of code.
> Well, because I don't know C.  But would it work for me to generate a
> gradient in gimp?  Should that come out perfectly smooth?  If so, I'll
> attach it here and everyone can have a look and see if there's any
> banding for them.
> - Grant

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