Intel i915GM (xf86-video-intel modesetting) Tearing during playback with XV

will nodenet at
Tue Feb 20 01:36:55 PST 2007


I've noticed video tearing during playback of video when using XV which was
not evident using the non modesetting driver. I'm using xine with a number
of original store bought DVDs, tearing is evident on all.

The big change I've noticed in the video code is the fact there is now a
textured video setting which states that no double buffering is used, I've
checked and it is the branch of the code that is being called during
playback. I'm sending video at 50Hz (PAL with the deinterlacer) using a PAL
display mode (50Hz refresh confirmed using judder test and by the tv
itself).Xine just uses usleep to decide when to send video and it appears
there is nothing in the XV code that would synchronise to the vertical
blanking period for display (overlay?) updates?

Any suggestions?


Will Wiseman

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