X server 1.3 release status, plea for driver developer comments

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Feb 21 02:05:04 PST 2007

Andy Ritger wrote:
> A few minor things I've noticed:
>     - when a non-1.2 RandR driver is used, I see a SEGV when
>       ProcRRSetScreenConfig() calls:
>             if (!RRCrtcSet (pScrPriv->crtcs[c], NULL, 0, 0, RR_Rotate_0,
> 0, NULL))
>       but RRCrtcSet() dereferences the passed-in NULL pointer 'mode'
> argument:
>             size.width = mode->mode.width;
>       I'm not sure how much of RRCrtcSet() should be skipped if the mode
> is NULL.


I'm following this stuff with great interest, but could you tell me if
the above bug is actually in the randr 1.2 library or elsewhere? I want
to push the proto+lib+app to my distro (and rebuild our standard 1.2
server with a hack to make it see only v1.1, and allow a devel server
with the 1.3 code to be package in addition). Obviously I wouldn't want
to do this if there is going to be a nasty segv bug :)

Thinking about it logically, I'm sure Keith with reply in due course



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