Intel i915GM (xf86-video-intel modesetting) Tearing during playback with XV

Tristan Willy tristan.willy at
Wed Feb 21 11:27:59 PST 2007

  Ah, so XVideo and video overlay are, at least approximately, the
same. I've setup my media players to use xv but I still get tearing.

> get port base number, e.g., using xvinfo. In my case, video overlay has port
> base number 89. Then run mplayer -vo xv:port=89 movie.avi (however, the video
> overlay seems to be broken but my complains seem to be ignored).

  I tried this last night and I still get tearing. I didn't go through
all 16 ports exposed by the intel driver, but I did try several to no
avail. This is with a G965 chip with a sDVO DVI card. Tearing is
clearly visible at 1680x1050.

- Tristan -

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