Intel i915GM (xf86-video-intel modesetting) Tearing during playback with XV

Keith Packard keithp at
Wed Feb 21 14:50:28 PST 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 22:20 +0100, Lukas Hejtmanek wrote:

> I am afraid that you have to wait until Keith or Eric fixes this issue as
> Intel did not release the documentation. I do not know whether video overlay
> for G965 is not supported due to HW limitation of G965 or by temporarily 
> non-working overlay code.

The G965 doesn't have an overlay at all. If it did, we'd be using it.

> Btw, I can also see tearing during playback. If I remember correctly, Keith
> said that tearless video will be available after DRI rework.

We need a way to synchronize the update with vrefresh; right now the
only mechanism available in the 2D driver is to spin waiting for the
vrefresh bit to turn on.

> I wonder why legacy overlay is not working at least on i915 which is capable
> of video overlays.

We switched the default so that video would work with Composite. It
worked the last time I tried it; perhaps something has broken in the
meantime? I know the memory allocation code is a bit of a mess at
present; it's possible the driver didn't manage to allocate space for
the overlay.

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