Intel GMA graphics - any good for hi-def? 1920 x 1080 @ 50/60hz

leon zadorin leonleon77 at
Wed Feb 21 16:27:56 PST 2007

On 2/21/07, The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <raster at> wrote:
> > and as far as software rendering goes - it has been out of the
> > question in my experience (e.g. CPU can't hack it when rendering
> > 25fps, 1920x1080 with Imlib2 an AMD Opteron box)... [DV is ok though-
> > macmini running linux and rendering in software on X server powered by
> > i810 driver]
> i am sure have managed 25fps 1920x1080 - i can't notice dropped frames. via
> emotion +evas in software rendering - as long as you do NO scaling. the yuv->rgb

ah yes - no scaling... I was not considering that option as a
reasonable one :-) at least not in my deployment context... (no
"full-screen, 1 stream only" type of thing but rather multiwindow,
drag-on-top-of-other-windows-with-video environment... but that was
probably a bit outside of the context of the original post - sorry :-)

> > For hardware accelerated rendering (e.g. Xvideo exetnsion support in X
> > server; OpenGL, last time I checked, was not as fast in terms of
> > colorspace conversion [e.g. from 420 planar to rgba]) I have found the
> > following:
> definitely is fast enough - nv6600gt on with fragment shaders do a great job :)

I didn't say it wasn't fast enough - i said it was not as fast as Xv
(this may have changed though but I have my reservations)...

> this also lets you overlay, alpha blend, underlay and do all sorts of extra fun
> with the video with no real limitations (unlike xv with yuv422 etc.)

only if you need this sort of "fun" - in many cases it is not needed
so Xv would do the job more efficiently (in my humble opinion anyway
[420planar out of codec, into Xv which then coverts to
display-relevant format without any 3d geometry/blending/etc.] - but i
am not about to join a flame war).

It's just that instead of having these "edge" points in functionality spectrum:
[NO scaling, cropping out window manager's and desktop's decorations
on many monitors]
["super-duper" blingineering, eye-candy blending, 3d rotation and
overlay - stuff that is "nice" and may be "fun" but is rarely (albeit
sometimes) a real "productivity booster"];
- it is nice to see Xv as an efficient solution/alternative for
displaying video content in a generic (functionality-wise, not
"eye-candy"-wise) windowing environment (one can watch video, write
some notes, change the music-tune that is playing, etc - but once
again I am skewing away from the topic here so I shall stop :-)

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