Cirrus GD5446 at 1280x1024 - half way there!

Robin Atwood robin at
Sat Feb 24 03:32:19 PST 2007

I have been struggling with this for a week but I am stuck and no one else on 
various lists has much idea either. Perhaps you guys have the answer. I have 
installed Solaris 10 in a virtual machine under Qemu. Solaris is configured 
to use Xorg and Qemu emulates the CL GD5446 video adapter. When I configured 
xorg.conf for 1280x1024, I got an error message 'no mode' and only 1024x768 
resolution. Now, I also have Win XP and Plan 9 running under Qemu and both 
display at 1280x1024, so I booted XP and poked around in 
the 'Display/Settings' dialog and found that a mode of 1280x1024 at 43Hz 
interlaced with 16 bpp was being used. So I went to and generated a mode line at 43Hz. When I 
restarted Xorg I got a "bad mode clock/interlace..." message. So I tried with 
non-interlaced which resulted in the correct resolution but only the top half 
of the screen was rendered. In the monitor section of xorg.conf I have:

   HorizSync   28.0 - 85.0
   VertRefresh 43.0 - 75.0
   Modeline "1280x1024 at 43" 75.45 1280 1312 1592 1624 1024 1046 1053 1076

and the screen section has a default depth of 16. What does the half-size 
display imply and how do I go about fixing this? The emulated video chip has 
4 MB of RAM which is enough for the other OS's.

Robin Atwood.

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