XInput: Tablet to screen coordinate translation

Magnus Vigerlöf Magnus.Vigerlof at
Sun Feb 25 13:57:18 PST 2007


I'm looking into making sure that the linuxwacom X-driver can be used with the 
hotplugging support that was recently introduced. However, after I pulled the 
latest version from the git-repository and compiled everything I, can't get 
the linuxwacom drivers working as it should.

Compiling it was not a big issue. The first problem I ran into was that the 
coordinate conversion routine in the driver was not called anymore from the X 
event dispatch function. So I ended up with a 1:1-mapping of the coordinates 
on my tablet to the screen and could only use a small part of the upper-left 
corner. Not very usable..

When I looked at the evdev-driver I saw that it made it's coordinate 
conversion before it was reported to X (but it keeps it's own min/max on the 
axis in the definition of the device). I made the same changes and the   
pointer worked as it should.

I ran into the second problem after I started Gimp. The stylus and the place 
where it actually drew is very far apart. It's like the opposite of the 
previous probelm, I can only reach a small part on the screen (upper-left as 
well) with the whole tablet. So... not very usable either..

So I wonder if anybody could help me and point out where the coordinate 
conversion should be made?


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