Need help on initialization of x-server

Rahaman Md Mustafizur-A19072 rahaman at
Tue Feb 27 02:55:18 PST 2007

Hi All:
I am new to the K-drive domain & I am making some prototype on GTK +
K-drive.While going through the K-drive code, I have got some question
which I am putting here hoping some one might be able to help me.
1>I see that I the X-server code structure, there are lot of drivers
like fb/mach64/ati etc in xorg-server-X11R7.1-1.1.0\hw\kdrive location.I
am assuming these are the drivers that K-drive supports.Now my question
is when I build k-drive code for any project, does it build all the
driver components inside kdrive/* OR is there any option(command line
option) by which we ask K-drive about our target driver whether it is
intel or fb & then K-drive code is built accordingly.
2>The second question is to some extent related to the previous one.For
some reason, I need to know the initialization sequence of k-drive, I.e.
the exact call stack when the xserver initializes.During x-server
initialization, does it initialize all the driver which are available
like ati/fb/mach64 OR is there any run time procedure by which K-drive
knows the actual driver lying beneath & then K-driver code executes
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