PAL tv-out with i810 (965G)

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Tue Feb 27 03:45:26 PST 2007

I am trying to get PAL TV-out to work on my i810 system, but I am stacked.

Here is my configuration:

1. Foxconn g9657ma motherboard (965g embedded)
2. Prolink ADD-7312-DVI-T ADD2 card (Chrontel ch7312 chip)
3. 3xRCA + S-Video <==> Scart converter connected to the S-video port of the add2 card
4. SCART connected to PAL TV (has only SCARt input, rather old)

There is no monitor connected, only the TV set.
When I boot up the system, I can get picture on the TV,
but only black and white.

X can start, too, but 
  - only in black and white, and
  - not really filling the screen.

I guess (part of) the problem is that the add2 card outputs NTSC picture,
but my TV needs PAL. But how can I change the output mode of the add2 card?
There is no such option in my BIOS, so I guess I should go with the mode-setting
branch. I have tried it (from the version in Debian Unstable, from Debian Experimental,
and from GIT), but neither of them outputted color picture.

I googled around, and I found that people are using options like
"TVStandard" and "TVOutFormat" to control the behavior of the TV-Out, but
these options do not seem to work for me. The X log says they are ignored,
and I can not find any trace of them neither in the i810 man page, nor the i810 sources.

So, could someone please tell me how do I configure PAL output?

Do I need to use xrandr for this?
If yes, where can I find some documentation for it?

Thank you for your help:

    Kristof Csillag

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