how to trace the code of Xorg from the application

Egbert Eich eich at
Wed Feb 28 01:35:43 PST 2007

LongdaFeng at writes:
 > Hi everyone:
 >          First, any advice is appreciated!
 >          Recently, I run doom3-demo, it failed on the function
 > XextAddDisplay which is in lie in the xc/lib/Xext), I
 > use gdb&ddd on two pc,
 >          I can add breakpoint in the function XextAddDisplay ,but the
 > ddd can't debug the function of XextAddDisplay

This seems to indicate that either you have not built this part of Xt 
with "-g" or something in your build process has stripped this info off.

 >          Addition: I run on Xorg6.9, the host.def is as attachment . I
 > build the Xorg with -g flag in the host.def
 > #define DefaultGcc2i386Opt   -O0 -g0 -march=pentium3 -pipe
Please take out the '0'. I'm not sure what level 0 actually means but
smaller numbers usually include less debugging information. 2 is the
default. I'd suggest you leave it there and just do '-g'.


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