Speeding up X's start time

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at arcor.de
Sun Jul 1 05:00:56 PDT 2007

Josh Triplett schrieb:
> Sascha Hlusiak wrote:
>>> I've been trying to get X to start faster.  Is there any data on what parts
>>> of X initialization take so long?  I've tried cutting out modules and
>>> streamlining my config file, but it doesn't seem to help a lot.  Are there
>>> some standard tricks in this area?
>> I just found out that the i810 driver initialized my 855gm too much. It
>> switched the output on, off and on during X-Server start, each time with
>> waiting for the hardware to follow. A single on was enough and speeded
>> initialization quite up and reduced the flicker of the LCD of my laptop.
> Got a patch for that?  If so, you might consider sending it to the list, or
> perhaps to bugzilla.
> With the intel driver superseding the i810 driver, I don't know how many
> people will need it, but it might prove useful.
Well, my display stays even black with the 855gm and I filed a bug for
this. Seems my card isn't initialized correctly at all so I might look
into patching it when it works.


I was unable to get it to work properly but the bug seems to have to do
something with powering on and off the LVDS, because when I comment out
the powering off in the driver code, it works.


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