"driconf" to try to solve "texture size" problem with beryl+radeon+dualhead+mergefb

Roland Scheidegger sroland at tungstengraphics.com
Wed Jul 4 02:04:05 PDT 2007

ArcosCom Linux User wrote:
> As some e-mails ago, I'm trying to play beryl in my laptop.
> I successfully configured my xorg.conf (thanks to the comunity for the
> help that allowed me that).
> The problem:
> When I boot the laptop without external LCD/CRT, beryl is working fine,
> but when I boot it with the external, it recognice fine the external LCD
> and don't want to allow beryl run.
> What beryl says:
> Checking maximum texture size                   : failed
> Root window size (2960/1050) is bigger then maximum texture size (2048x2048)
> Searching the web I readed that with "driconf" util I can try to solve the
> problem. I had installed driconf 0.9.1 successfully, but I don't know how
> to change that parameters.
> Does anyone used driconf or knows how can I solve this problem with
> beryl/compiz?
Radeons have a texture size limit of 2048x2048 (well pre-r500 radeons),
so there is not much you can do. The driconf setting you're refering to
was to allow larger textures which might not fit into video memory under
some circumstances, but this is the default now and it won't allow
larger than 2048x2048 anyway (btw software mesa may have the same limit,
but obviously this is not really set in stone).
compiz/beryl may work around this by breaking the too large textures up
into smaller ones, though I'm not sure if there's work going on in that
direction. It won't be very efficient, neither.
If you have a pre-r300 radeon, you would hit the 3d coordinate limit too
(2048 too), which would need to be solved at the driver level.


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