MGA XV Overlay Size?

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Wed Jul 4 06:12:23 PDT 2007

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> Does the  mga driver have a 1024x1024 size restriction for xv overlays?


>   If so is there a way to configure xorg.conf for a larger size?

AFAIK no, it's hard coded.

>  Or is
> it a restriction of my g400 graphics card?

I actually don't know. I know that the G200 had a quite
severe restriction in the 800 pixels range due to too
slow clock. The G400 register documentation doesn't speak
about any restriction, though that doesn't mean anything.
I know that at least the BES filter has a limit at 1024
and wrapps around (resulting in a "mirroring" effect).

>  I have a MythTV backend that
> I would like to use to edit HDTV mpeg files with.  Mythfrontend just
> shows a blank screen when I try to view them.  If I try to play the
> mpegs with mplayer it errors out with "[xv] Source image dimensions are
> too high: 1920x1080 (maximum is 1024x1024)."   I would even be happy if
> it supported 1280x720.

If you have a G550, you can use it together with mga_vid.
There the restriction is only in some filter which is
automaticaly disabled if the horizontal resolution goes over 1024.
But 1920x1080 is not yet possible as i haven't figured out what
limits there the vertical size.
But of course, if you can live with image distortions you can
disable the size checks and just use mga_vid. It'll work as
expected, just showing only a part of the image correctly.

BTW: Does someone have the register documentation for G450 and G550?
Although being the maintainer of the mga_vid driver, i still
lack those.

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