evdev needs to be fixed for language lv

Maris marisdembovskis at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 06:52:11 PDT 2007

Hi, list!
I have evdev problem:

I have keybard problems (I use evdev driver) see attached xorg.conf :
UP, DOW, LEFT, RIGT, INSERT, HOME, DELETE, END don't work at all for my lv
(latvian) keyboard. Evdev is not correctly writen for ###Option "XkbLayout"
"lv" and is needed to be fixed.
PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN is working, but not as it supposed to do.
And sure, when you type something in spreadsheet and can not go down and up,
it's getting hard to use Fedora.
XkbLayout with "us" works well, even UP, DOWN is working fine.

should I report this as bug, if yes, then where?

Maris Dembovskis
Latvia, Gulbene
Vidzeme - kur labas idejas dzimst ritdienai
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