triggering xrandr from VGA plug event - intel 965GM

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Fri Jul 6 18:43:16 PDT 2007

On Fri, 6 Jul 2007 18:00:24 +1200 "Martin Langhoff" <martin.langhoff at>

> When I plug an external monitor to the VGA port of the i965GM, should
> there be a dbus or udev event? Or some other event? I want to be able
> to trigger xrandr --auto on monitor unplug, and xrandr --output VGA
> --right-of LVDS --auto on monitor plug.
>        In other words - MacOSX has been a bad influence  ;-)
> Neither dbus-monitor (which I think should show hal events?) nor
> udev-monitor show anything. kern.log doesn't hear of it.
> Where should I be looking?

as best i know such an event doesn't exist anywhere. since x is the one who is
in charge of the gfx chip interface - thus also the vga/dvi/whatever outputs -
this is best added as an X event. some client process (wm, or whatever) can
listen for it and when a screen is plugged or unplugged do some appropriate
action defined by the user/config

> cheers,
> martin
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