dual/single head problem, connected outputs force resolution (intel)

Jens Stroebel dr-xorg at bcsoft.de
Tue Jul 10 05:43:46 PDT 2007


I have a problem regarding the starting behavior of X when a laptop
screen (1280x800) and a monitor (1280x1024) connected to VGA output are
present at the start of X.

The monitor is not willing to do the laptops resolution, otherwise I'd
"PreferredMode" it into being no problem :)
Now when X starts up, the laptops panel misses part of the screen, as
the whole screen can only be displayed on the flatscreen due to

tried but uncomforting :
monitor section for flatscreen-> option "disable" "true";
results in xrandr being unable to cooperate at all afterwards, but right
resolution on laptop (xrandr error:"VGA not disconnected but has no modes")

tried but uncomforting:
monitor section for flatscreen-> option "ignore" "true" ;
right resolution on laptop, but VGA not activateable afterwards.
I'd like to be able to boot with both outputs connected, the laptop
using it's resolution, the VGA deactivated but reachable via a xrandr
call later. Is there a solution to this?


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