Intel + randr1.2 + virtual fb size

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Wed Jul 11 07:49:12 PDT 2007

Yo Yo Boiko!!

Gustavo Pichorim Boiko wrote:
> I would like to know if there is any way to enable bigger virtual fb sizes 
> (like 3000x3000) and not loosing DRI and Xv on intel hardware.

One easy way is to get an i965 :) It goes up to 8192x9182 IIRC. With h/w
less than that it is theoretically possible but will require some "hard
sums" to be done in the driver. Currently no-one is stepping up to the
plate to do this..... I reckon you seem like the man!!! :p

> What I want to be able to do is to keep using the laptop, and when an external 
> VGA output is attached, use the LVDS and the VGA as a xinerama setup 
> (right-of, left-of, and so on), but if I add the virtual size in xorg.conf, 
> even if I don't use bigger sizes (say, when the VGA output is not connected), 
> I can't use DRI and XV.
> Would it ever be possible to do that? Or am I missing some config option 
> allowing this setup?

I think the only way to do this is to set the virual size in the config
as I think it sets up various internal gubbins to make the runtime
xrandr stuff work. I doubt you could extend the virtual size post-start
but I'm sure other can correct me.

Like I say above there is a way to give larger virtual sizes but it's
complicated. I wont even pretend to understand how it would be done.

See this thread:

And in particular this reply from KeithP

See ya on IRC ;)


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