PATCH: updated OLPC keyboard definitions

Sergey Udaltsov sergey.udaltsov at
Sat Jul 14 07:18:00 PDT 2007


> But I understand your concern: this is probably local material.
> I'm resubmitting with those bits stripped out.
I am really glad you understand me.

>   ur         -> Arabic Urdu
>   ur(olpc)   -> Arabic OLPC-Urdu
>   tu         -> Turkish
>   tu(olpc)   -> Turkish OLPC
I am not really happy with this. First of all, there is no country
code ur for urdu. xkeyboard-config is using iso3166 (except for very
few very special cases). So could you please use the suitable country?
Also, the acceptable group name format is
"{country name}" - for default group
"{country name} - {variant description}" for non-default groups. See
other symbols/* files for examples.



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