i need some dev info

Hal V. Engel hvengel at astound.net
Mon Jul 16 11:11:17 PDT 2007

On Sunday 15 July 2007 15:23, Jose Rafael Castillo Huggins wrote:
> Hey guys,
> i am a newbie (into X dev) from venezuela,  i have an idea of an new
> extension for Xorg and a couple of other enhacements into X core.
> Ideas
> 1. Integrates the khronos specs of OpenVG 1.0 into Xorg extensions
> (rendering through Xrender which should be accel through AIGLX when
> available). 
> 2. I want to integrate the ICC v4 color spec directly into 
> color rendering code (i think this is the Mac way). 

This is something that I would also like to see.  But this is a huge 
undertaking that will have a significant impact on the architecture of Xorg.  
There are currently some specs and other work in this area that have been 
done as part of the Oyranos project.  The lead on the Oyranos project is 
Kai-Uwe Behrmann and the project web site is http://www.oyranos.org.  This 
has been talked about at some length on the OpenICC mailing list and also at 
times on this list.  So I think your best approach to this one is to contact 
Kai-Uwe as I know he would like to have additional folks willing to work on 
this.  You should also consider joining the OpenICC email list.

I also work in the color management area and I am the project lead for the 
LProf project.  LProf is an open source ICC profile creation application.  
Developement versions of LProf now allow for hardware measurement based 
display calibration and profiling on supported systems which include X, 
Windows and OS/X.

> 3. Thigter integration of XCB into Xorg apps
> 4. Make Xorg more thread friendly through OpenMP and XCB
> I need your help because i can't find any good docs with example or
> something that let me understand how begins with the code. for example
> how to declare an extension.
> howto use Xrender maybe some tips
> some examples on how to call X functions
> some detailed explanations how X modules works and what functions have
> I thinks this changes could improve performance a lot in thus areas and
> help us to have an svg standard directly into X
> thanks you so much for your hard work
> i hope you can help me
> sorry my english
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