RandR 1.3 additions?

Matthias Hopf mhopf at suse.de
Tue Jul 17 02:56:14 PDT 2007

On Jul 16, 07 12:43:42 -0400, Alex Deucher wrote:
> > Are there other things we should consider adding to the RandR protocol
> > at this point?
> How about GPU and CRTC properties?  It would be nice to have a
> standard interface to adjust global GPU options (e.g., clock gating
> and other power management stuff, GPU and memory clocks, framebuffer
> compression, tiling, etc.).  The CRTC properties could be useful for
> the projective transforms and on a lot of chips the panel scaler is
> actually part of the crtc rather than the output.

While I very much agree that we need a mechanism for things like that
(include antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, vblank, etc. here), I'm
not entirely sure that this fits the RandR extension. Many of these
parameters are not output dependent, but card and/or host dependent
(read the later: global).


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