Xorg 7.1.1: Autorepeat does not stop when another key is pressed

Johann Wilfling wj313 at gmx.net
Tue Jul 17 06:43:20 PDT 2007

Hi list,

I have upgraded from xorg 6.8 to xorg 7.1.1.

In 6.8 if I press a key the autorepeat kicks in. If I activate Caps-Lock (or press some other key) the auto-repeating stops.
In 7.1.1 the behaviour is different. The auto-repeat does not stop and after a few Caps-Lock switches the Caps-Lock LED on the keyboard is on but all characters are printed lower case.

This messes up the Swiss-German keyboard as Caps-Lock is used insted of Shift for some characters.

Does anyone know if there is an option to get the behaviour of xorg 6.8 where pressing caps-lock stops the auto-repeat?

Kind regards.
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