Last change to non-XCB libX11 breaks KDE

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Tue Jul 17 16:24:01 PDT 2007

Kean Johnston wrote:
>> Does your Xlib support LOCALCONN but your server not?
> No, both suppot LOCALCONN.

Hmm - then it shouldn't be hitting this code (unless theres a problem in
Xtrans causing incompatibility between the LOCALCONN in the two sides - I
only tested on Solaris when I re-enabled LOCALCONN after it was disabled
in the initial X11R7.0 release).

> Then both are wrong and contrary to their own documentation. The
> effect of changing that information is that XDisplayString() will
> return a different value to XDisplayName(). The documentation I was
> able to find for XDisplayString says:

Oops - I wasn't aware it would have this side-effect, nor apparently
was the person who put in the previous fallback.

> By modifying the fullname to insert the hostname it creates an
> inconsistency, which thwarts the purpose of XDisplayString()
> completely. Either that or XDisplayString() should eb changed to
> simply return the value of $DISPLAY, like XDisplayName() does,
> and not the "canonical" name computed by _X11TransConnectDisplay().

Just returning $DISPLAY wouldn't work if the parent was called with
-display though.

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