Bad x,y values on resize event

Itamar Axelrod at
Thu Jul 19 01:19:56 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the x,y values of my window during a resize event - but,
strangely, I seem to get the same values (constant values) all the time.

I create my window using:

*XCreateSimpleWindow(m_Display, RootWindow(m_Display, screen_num), m_X, m_Y,
m_Width, m_Height, win_border_width, m_BckColor, m_BckColor);*

I subscribe to the xevents I would like to receive:

*attr.event_mask = KeyPressMask | KeyReleaseMask | StructureNotifyMask |


*XSelectInput(**m_Vw->getDisplay(), m_Vw->getWindow(), attr.event_mask);*

Then whenever I receive a *ConfigureNotify* related to a *resize event* - I
check its x and y values and I get the same value every time (independent of
the window's location).

Also, when I try to get the window's attributes or *XGetGeometry* - the x,y
values I receive are, again, the same.

However, when a move window event is received I do get the correct x,y
values of my window - but only then!

Please help,

Thanks in advance,



I using X11 version 6.8
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