intel 2.0 driver >2048x2048 without DRI

Tom Rauchenwald its.sec at
Thu Jul 19 15:12:56 PDT 2007

Chase Douglas <chasedouglas at> writes:

> When I start X, it defaults to cloning mode at 1600x1200 since that's 
> the native resolution of my attached monitor. Then if I try to issue 
> "xrandr --output VGA --left-of LVDS --auto", it tells me:

> xrandr: screen cannot be larger than 1600x1600 (desired size 3000x1200)

> If I were to start X without the monitor connected, it would start at 
> 1400x1050, and if I try to extend to my second monitor it says the 
> screen cannot be larger than 1400x1400.

> Where am I going wrong?

In your screen-section, have you tried the following?

	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		24
                Virtual         3000 3000

I couldn't get compiz working with anything larger than 2048x2048,
though, but an option is to put one screen above the other.


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