intel driver gets slow as soon as I rotate on a 1920x1200 display

Thomas Glanzmann sithglan at
Sat Jul 21 07:42:08 PDT 2007


> I just checked out Xorg from git and compiled it on Debian Etch. I have
> a EIZO S2431W with a resolution of 1920x1200 attached to a Mac Mini with
> a Intel 945GM[1]. As soon as I call "xrandr -o 1" I loose all my
> accerlation. I can literally watch how the "ls -al" output of a full
> screen xterm scrolles up. It takes several seconds to complete.  My
> /etc/X11/xorg.conf is at [2] and my Xorg.log.0 at [3]. Has anyone a idea
> what I did wrong or what I can do to improve the behaviour? Did I use
> the right intel driver?

just to clear things up. I have the mac mini since once year. And I used
a self-compiled Xserver which I compiled on 2006-05-28  until now. This
Xserver does support acceleration when rotated but it does _not_ support
the resolution of my new EIZO monitor. The resolution was 1600x1200
before and is now 1920x1200. The xorg.conf is the same only that I used
the "i810" module instead of the "intel" module. The xorg.conf output of
the old Xorg xserver with resolution 1600x1200 is at [1]. And when I
switch my resolution to 1920x1200 it is [2] and does come up but with a
resolution of 1600x1200 and not 1920x1200 (no mode of this name).



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