Sorting out Intel options

Chad masterclc at
Sun Jul 22 08:30:18 PDT 2007


I have read over this:

And searched the list and found things like this:

And am now somewhat less confused :D

I am looking for a relatively all inclusive (quiet, low power) option
for a motherboard/video option on a variety of TV types capable of
displaying HDTV through MythTV/VLC/Xine over either analog or digital
video ports (without user interaction beyond the install and
configuration).  And preferably cheap.  Yes, I know, a pipe dream...

So, here is what I think I've gleaned so far from the list and else
where on the web:

The Intel 965 producing "tearing" (which I read as tear like rip a
phone book in half, not tear like I cried, can anyone confirm what
"tearing" means?) with the latest intel driver.

The 945 works well, but isn't well equipped out of the box to decode
HDTV streams without switching to Video Overlay (which I'm not
entirely sure how to do).  If this is true, any hints on why I
wouldn't always want the Video Overlay "on" and how to turn it on/off?

Given that it seems that for my needs the 945 is a "better" option,
does anyone have info on the lowest CPU requirement on the 945 with a
socket 478?  I ask the specific socket because there is this board:
Which seems to meet all of my "requirements" since it can hook up
through analog (S-Video) or digital (DVI-D) as well as supplies a nice
optical output for the digital audio need.  I am hoping for a cool
solution, so hoping to aim towards a sub 2Ghz CPU, obviously other's
experience will determine this possibility.

Ok, anyone still following, thanks for any info/clarification.


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