ANN: xterm-228

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Jul 22 16:40:01 PDT 2007

                            Patch #228 - 2007/7/22

     * modify  configure  script  to permit combining --with-utempter and
       --enable-setuid,  e.g.,  for using xterm with the utempter library
       on FreeBSD (report by Andriy Gapon).
     * modify  "Quit"  menu  entry  to  override  the  -hold command-line
     * add  a  check  in  the startup error-reporting to avoid writing to
       pipe  when  it  has  not  been opened. In that case, report errors
       directly to the standard error.
     * add   OPT_READLINE   definition  to  xtermcfg.hin,  overlooked  in
       [232]patch #205 (report by Kalle Olavi Niemitalo).
     * modify and, adding -r option to reverse
       the palettes for the extended colors.
     * check for partial overwrite or deletion of multi-column characters
       in  several cases, e.g., insert-character, delete-character, etc.,
       and  fill  the  remainder  of  the  cells used by the multi-column
       characters affected with blanks.
     * correct   character-class   codes   in   wide-character  mode  for
       characters 215, 247 (see also [233]patch #165).
     * fix  missing assignment for UTF-8 parsing in widget initialization
       (Debian #403360).
     * correct  index  expression  used to set line-wrapping flag, making
       selection  from  scrollback  work  consistently  (Debian  #430121,
       report by Vincent Lefevre).
     * amend  changes  to  handshake  in [234]patch #226 to accommodate
       Solaris,  which  relies  on the extra setting of the terminal size
       after   I/O   initialization.  Do  this  by  adding  new  resource
       ptySttySize,  which is false for Linux and MacOS X, i.e., true for
       for  Solaris and other SVR4 platforms, as well as FreeBSD (reports
       by David Wood, Renato Botelho).
     * check  for  X  events  after  cursor-left,  and  carriage  return,
       consistent with indexing operations (comments by Vegard Nossum and
       Ingo Molnar on a mailing-list).
     * initialize  the  .keyboard  structure,  needed  for some platforms
       (such as Solaris) after [235]patch #227 fixes for keysyms (patch
       by David Wood).
     * update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey
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