i915tex_dri.so vs. i915_dri.so: further away objects vanishing in "fog"

Jens Stroebel dr-xorg at bcsoft.de
Mon Jul 23 07:31:48 PDT 2007


We're experiencing an unwanted display behavior with the intel driver
and the corresponding i915tex_dri.so DRI driver:

When an object in our example application is looked at from close by,
the optical appearance is quite as it should be; with growing "distance"
from the object, it seems to disappear in some kind of "fog".

As I don't think I can describe this very good, I put example
screenshots of the effect on the following page:

The effect does not appear when using the option
"Legacy3D" "true" , so it seems to be related to the i915tex_dri.so DRI

Used components:

xserver git from 2007-06-19
xf86-video-intel git from 2007-07-12
drm git from 2007-07-12
MesaLib git from 2007-07-13
xorg-libs from 2007-07-12


dr-xorg at bcsoft.de

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