no xorg.conf, where to now?

Jeff web.kiddo at
Mon Jul 23 11:07:12 PDT 2007

Hello folks,
there is a question that has been itching me for a few weeks as a simple
user. To try it out, as an experiment, I removed my xorg.conf file today
with X running without any problems afterward (which is... impressive.
First time my DVI LCD panel's native resolution is recognized!).

Then I was wondering, now that the beloved xorg.conf that we all came to
know and love/hate is gone, where do we actually make configuration
tweaks? For example, right now, I am guessing that I am running the "nv"
driver. How would one go to tell X to use nvidia-glx, or Nouveau,

Likewise, how can one tweak the settings of pointing devices such as a
Wacom tablet?

This is not a "please help repair my broken box" message, I can put the
xorg.conf back at any time. It is just out of curiosity that I am
wondering how things will work (on the user's end) in the next few
months (well, I would also like to be able to find docs on how to keep
using this magical setup with a working tablet though).

If there is a wiki page/mailing list post that explains all that, that I
missed, please point me to it! Google is full of news, but no traces of
actual documentation that I could find. I would be highly doubtful
(surprised) that nice config GUIs would pop up everywhere for every
configuration needs, so I am expecting that there will be a need for
tweaking without xorg.conf?

Many thanks!
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