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Tue Jul 24 10:50:29 PDT 2007

Hello everyone,
i've been fiddling around with Xservers and Xclients to measure the
potential of the X system..

Xserver being the 'set' of kb,mouse and screen, on which any
Xclient can connect, being the OS, kdm (gdm or xdm), applications etc.

it is also known that with cygwin or hummingbird or Xwin32 you can load a
kdm session to a non linux Xserver... ie u can use the linux OS from the
kb,mouse and display of a windows (in this case) machine.

if more instantiations of Xserver are run on these windows applications,
then more Xclients can me loaded too!.. so from my win machine i can
actually load on 2 separate xservers the kdm sessions from 2 different linux

what im wondering now is how to start running an Xserver on the same machine
that another Xserver and Xclient are running, so that i can load the Xclient
from another linux machine.....

basically on machine1 running slack11 im running kdm , so on startup Xserver
runs on localhost:0.0 and i get the logon screen of the kdm session. if i
logon (i assume) i get to connect to the local Xclient and run a session in
kde (similarly for gnome). so far so good, thats a simple home pc situation.

what if i want to 'fetch' the kdm session of another computer machine2 to
this machine (machine1)..
i assume i can run an addition Xserver at localhost:1.0 as Xorg :1
#(is that right???)

and then wait for a localhost kdm session to popup.. from that i can
navigate to remote login and choose to logon to my remote session... is this
train of thought correct? is there another way to do what i seek?

because so far, when i run Xord :1 i do indeed get an Xserver up, and i can
see the initial mouse pointer that you get right before the kdm session
starts, that forms an 'X' letter basically, but the kdm session never

i assume that since the previous kdm session has not finished, /etc/inittab
does not respawn a kdm session.. and tats y i dont get one .. is there a way
to alter the inittab file to respawn a kdm session everytime a new Xserver
is instantiated????

thank you in advance for your help
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