xorg-xserver-video-intel 2.1.0 breaks xrandr functionality?

Stefan Dietrich roots at gmx.de
Sat Jul 28 01:11:22 PDT 2007

i'm terribly sorry for the typo in the subject of the before mail! the
problem is with 2.1.0, NOT with 2.0.0!!!

h/w: acer travelmate 382tmi, intel855gm gfx
s/w: xubuntu 7.04, xorg 1.3.0, xorg-xserver-video-intel 2.0.0, xrandr

hi again,

before i bought my 22" tft yesterday, i was trying to get an external
crt with a resolution higher than that of the notebooks internal tft to
work. as this seems to be a typical problem with intel chipsets, i tried
without success, no matter what xorg.conf or tools (915resolution,
i810switch, i855crt...) i used.

thanks to upgrading to xrandr 1.2 (a BIG thanks to the developers!!!)
and xorg 1.3.0 and xorg-xserver-video-intel 2.0.0 i finally got it to
work like a charm.

however, after i upgraded the intel driver further to 2.1.0
(xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.1.0-1ubuntu1_i386.deb), xrandr didn't report
the desired resolutions anymore and thus it was impossible to switch to
i did not get it to work, so i had to downgrade to
xorg-xserver-video-intel 2.0.0 again.

any idea?
however, i hope this information is useful for the developers.


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