Avivo crash in xf86MapPciMem (X1950Pro 512M) and CRT blanking

Jerome Glisse glisse at freedesktop.org
Sat Jul 28 04:28:28 PDT 2007

Robert Tate wrote:
> Last night, I tried the latest version of the AVIVO driver from git with my Powercolor-branded X1950Pro w/512M video RAM.  It triggered an almost instant system reset, which unfortunately left nothing useful in the logs.  Using GDB, I tracked the reset to inside the call to xf86MapPciMem at avivo.c line 178.  I noticed lspci only reported 256M for the address range the video card was using so I modified avivo.c near line 400 to limit the memory to 256M and the reset problem was resolved.  (The VideoRam xorg.conf option did not have any effect on this problem.)  I've attached a copy of the "lspci -vvv" output and hope it can aid in the creation of a correct fix.
> Once I limited it to 256M, X would start but it put my (older) CRT monitor into a power save state (or gave it a mode it couldn't handle).  When I connected my wife's LCD monitor prior to starting X it would work correctly even if I switched back to the CRT (both use 15-pin VGA connectors).  I believe this is in part because the CRT doesn't provide EDID information.  I'm a bit confused by what I see in the log when I start X with the CRT connected, it has a message about configuring crtc(0) for 1152x768, but all those modes are rejected above; there's also a message for crtc(1) in 1024x768 but it's a single-headed configuration.  (When the LCD is connected there's only messages for crtc(0) in 1024x768.)  I've attached the log files...
> Thanks for the help (and all the hard work),
> Robert
I need radeondump of both situation as it should work in both case
git clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~glisse/radeondump
cmake . && make
plug crt start x with avivo
./radeondump -d crtblanked
plug lcd start x with avivo
./radeondump -d lcdconnected
You need to be root. Then send me both files.

Jerome Glisse

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